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Well, my mother and I just came together on an idea for London... I knew I wanted to take my camera with me and take some hopefully "postcard" worthy pictures while in London, but unfortunately, gven the camera's specifications, even a one gig compact flash card only yields 350 pictures... well hell, I take ninety pictures of Cocoa out in the snow in an hour! 350 pictures on a one gig and another 180 on a 512Mg card will not last me a week in London. So, in order to take more than 500 pictures in London, I have to have some way of downloading the pictures to a computer or another harddrive. So that would mean taking a computer with me, along with power cords and this and that. So instead, mom's adding in a request from my perpetual christmas/birthday/I know you want to get me this list and purchasing me an IPOD Photo. With the IPOD Photo and its 60 gig drive, I can download more than enough photos without the bulky computer. I still have accessories that have to go with it, but the equipment is a lot lighter and smaller to carry, including the AC adapter *and i purchased the English Plug adapter*, the camera downloading link, and the external battery pack... but while that might take up the space of a cosmetic bag, taking a computer would take a full briefcase. Plus I don't have to take CDs and a CD player, which history has proven, i've lost before... after all, a CD player doesn't fit in a pocket, hence my problem.

*happy sigh* Personally, I think the purchase is going to be good... I've wanted an MP3 player for a while, but have been too wishy washy to make a decision. Part of it was space... most were only 256 or 512, which certainly doesn't cover my music collection, or at least the collection I had on arnie. but until now, i've been hesitatn to purchase from apple. But with the breakthrough mac purchase, the hesitation is gone... plus it is a quick access to my favorite photos that I've taken, and is in essence also a portable portfolio.

The one thing Dell lost yesterday with its horrible tech services was my loyalty. Until now, I've been a very loyal Dell customer, investing over $25,000 in the past decade in computers, accessories, and media. After the crap they put me through yesterday, they will never see another dollar from me. When I restore my dell laptop, I'll work it till it dies, and thats it. It also moves back to being only a backup machine when and if I have something wrong with the Macintosh. But in that same respect, I am also now giving my loyalty to Apple, and embracing them for my media needs. I certainly hope I'm not disappointed. I have invested now in a mac powerbook, and its premiere accessory, the IPOD. If for no other reason, Apple has now won the loyalty that I took away from dell. It has to go somewhere. They have not earned the loyalty, they've won it, and that is a different idea altogether. Over the next couple years and my experiences with them will determine whether they will earn my continued loyalty.

On a loyalty note, I would like to note that Bank of America has definately earned my loyalty today, and Apple has also continued to show exemplary service. I called up Apple today to confirm that the credit cards had gone through, as they had not shown up on my online banking. As i feared, they had declined for the computer purchase, though not the warranty, or the accessories (which by the way, most arrived today, having ordered it monday night!) So I ran over to my local Bank of America, and while it was 5pm when I got to the door, the lady noticed I was a little frazzled, and let me in. From there she was able to handle my spending limits to allow the purchases, only to realize that BoA had frozen the charges on Apple to determine if Fraud was a factor... after all, maxing out one card and adding significant amount on a second, related card online and by phone is a big red flag factor for fraud and stolen credit cards. So the lady bent over backwards to get me on the phone with fraud protection, allowed me to override the fraud notices verbally online, with the BoA rep having checked my identification, and simultaneously have an Apple representative on my cell phone working with me to make sure those charges were placed and immediately granted. So there I was, my cell on one ear with Apple, and the bank phone on the other with fraud protection, both of which were working to get those charges cleared so that they can ship the computer and authorized... and meanwhile, the lovely lady who let me in was making sure that it was going as well it can *after the bank officially closed* She really bent over backwards to get me settled, when she especially didn't have to... she turned three others away from the door just after letting me in. Thank you Bank of America!!!! There's a reason they've EARNED my continuous service. And Apple has impressed me thusfar between this, and the great customer service while ordering the computer, and even just now while i'm ordering my IPOD. If their tech services are all I've heard, and if the Mac is as good as i've heard from the switching stories, then Apple will continue to earn my continued loyalty... its there to be taken, its now up to them whether they want to grab at it or not.
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