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Oh, I've had more than enough of them today!!! After finally getting a hold of someone in Tech support, I was blatantly lied to, and was directed to what the guy said was their "hard drive recovery department" where they could answer all my questions about recovery and my warranty with dell... well, that made me think, this must be part of the dell corportation, if he's calling it "their hard drive recovery department". Fuck no! It turns out it was an independent company!!! He also told me that they would have all my warranty information and they would be able to handle it from there... yeah they're able to handle it from there... with a fucking credit card!!! Why the fuck did you have to directly lie to me and tell me such crap!!! The only redeeming value of the call was that the guys at DriveSavers, who I've now hired to handle my recovery, were awesome, and have bent over backwards to accommodate me. If their services are as good as their customer service has been, I will forever recommend them... and FUCK DELL!! This is the last computer I buy from them!!!
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