Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
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arnie is dead

Sadly, last night at approximately 8:45, arnie passed on from this world to the next. After hitting the blue screen of death, arnie's heart and soul, his harddrive, is no longer read by the bios system, and it seems like the harddrive has suffered a component breakdown, rendering it permanently unusable. In the meantime, Dell is shipping me a new harddrive, which i've aptly decided on the name Walter, thanks in part to Devin for the suggestion. There is the chance of recovering all the data, but it will cost me a small fortune it seems... if only I had gotten my external hard drive earlier, I could have saved more of it... I also am going to take the harddrive dell is sending me, return it, and upgrade to an 80 gig harddrive... and depending on the data recovery, I think I'll actually give arnie a proper burial in a shallow grave in the back yard... he deserves at least that... I'm really off to cry now... it'll take me at least a week to get walter up and running, and in the meantime, i'll have my cellphone and my backup machines... but it won't be like having arnie back *cries*
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