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okay, so someone was pretty damned intent on getting fired tonight... we closed with Diane, which for those of you who haven't been reading along, seems to be the problem manager of the store... the bigger problem is, she's the head manager. Personally she and I get along pretty well, and I'm much more forgiving than most. Well, E *as I'll protect her full identity* was just outrageous tonight!! She openly mocked Diane right after the store closed, and throughout the 3 and a half hours I was there before closing, she was either intentionally or unintentionally sabotaging the work Danny and I were doing to clear the return books and put them back on the shelf, either by reorganizing the piles that I had made for Danny, or when both of us were working with customers, taking those piles and just *plech*... it seemed that everytime Danny and I had a chance to work on recovery again we were in the same exact position as before, except the people from Cafe or the registers had delivered more return books. So it was just before closing before we had a chance to really make a difference and actually get books back on the shelf. Well, then Diane calls us up, and reorders our assignments, not forgetting to get on Danny's back for not getting the magazines done. So Danny and I team up and get the magazines done, and then we began to conquer kids together... well, we get to kids to realize that E had begun working in it, despite direct orders to vaccuum and begin in cookbooks and work downward... as I was walking out the store, I'd see that most of that hadn't been done. But kids and parenting were in particularly horrible condition, so hell... so then she starts going off on "who did this section? I did" or "dont even get me started on the mess that was in that section" totally very loud and to attract attention... well, it attracted diane's attention, and she ended up catching E actually reading through a Jada Pinkett Smith storybook rather than clening... Randy and I were in Kids Fiction and Reference while she was at the end of the isle commenting on "oh this is sooo cute!! I didn't know she had written a book!!" when Diane was one row over looking at the progress we had made in the kids sciences. Hello!! post closing is time to clean, not read books... do that before we close... Well, I can only guess at what Diane told her, but then after that *whew* E went off and off about how much work she did, and how she does so much for the store, etcetcetc. Hello? the rest of us were working, and we weren't the ones caught reading when we should have been cleaning!! Well, apparently, Diane had changed her mind, and said at some point that if Kids and Magazines looked good, then we could all go... needless to say I didn't hear that, and while everyone else left, I was happily in my own world cleaning up the Coin and stamp collecting isle... only when she got on the loud speaker and asked if I was still in the store did I realize everyone else had left ten minutes earlier. *wooops* but I figure it looked good, though that was not my intention of waiting... i actually was straightening. I am sooo not looking foward to Sunday's all staff meeting... I have this really bad feeling something is going down, and I certainly not wanting to be there and be considered part of that group... but on the other hand, I have first row seats to the meeting of the year... I'm rather curious if everybody who's been bitching and complaining since I started is actually going to speak up, or back down... Personally, I'll say it now, I'm not getting involved... this meeting will be spectator for me, not participant. But I would like to see how it all goes down.

In other news, I asked the salon to chop off about two inches of hair, but the cut off about five instead... the haircut could be worse, but it could be better... at least its managable right now.
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