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*sigh* so a bit longer story about my pretty wacky day, especially given that i've not had a decent update in a few days... Originally, I was trying to get up for nine am and get some school work done... well, eleven came around and I woke up to "the Nanny" on Lifetime. I knew that I wanted to call Dr. Silverman today and get a hold of him, but unfortunately, his office hours were not quite conducive to making that call and going to work *meh* so at 12:30, I start calling his office, as his schedule two years ago was arriving around then, and officially starting office hours at one. well, he must have been running late, because it was one before he picked up his phone. but when he did, it was wonderufl.... it was really really great to hear from him and talk to him like i did when I was at Winthrop. it would have been perfect if it d been acompanied by a couple of his amazing "soul hugging" hugs. But the good news is in all that, he will be around in June pass through Rock Hill. He seems really excited to meet up in June, and personally I can't wait. I miss him icredibly muchly, and I know part omy despise for UMBC is because he's not there... I know now I had a truly exceptional experience at Winthrop and he was a big part of it.
I <3 Dr. Silverman!!!!
We're going to figure out my trip to atlanta so that I can make sure to plan him in *wonderful sigh*
But he's not the only person I got a hold of today.....
I also finally got a hold of Blake *weeee*, the same blake who's got about 500 emails unread, and who took a month to read my christmas card *g* I've definately decided its much easier to call him than try email again... but it puts a damper on my ecard addiction... I <3 blake as well, and even when he does check his email, he knows how to respond *g* (see this post...) I'm swearing now, this will not be the only time we talk before memorial day...
thirdly, i'm not in as bitchy a mood as I have been, and it was a good thing a couple poeople waited to talk till yesterday night/ today, because i could have said some things, that while deserved, shouldn't be. But with my wonderful conversation with paul yesterday, and with dr. silverman, blake, and justin today, im a lot better now *g*
probably more to come later
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