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in a pissy mood, but more on that later.... finally met brandon, my sister's boyfriend, as he came over to the house and i'm going to go bowling with him and my parents this afternoon before work....

interesting phone call from work at BAM
not quoting, but along the general lines...

manager:"hey can you come in and work some hours on sunday?"
me:"you mean i'm not working on sunday already?"
manager:'oh, yeah you are.... what are you doing tonight... can you come in and work some hours?"
me:'um, i thought I was working tonight..."
manager:"man, its been a long day... forget this phone call..."
me:"wait, just so I know, what time am I due to come in?"
manager:"schedule says six, but can you come in early?"
me:"um, I have to go out with my parents this afternoon, but i'll be in around five thirty"
manager:"great... see you then"

ah well, it was funny at the time....
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