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Well, i've got a bit of updating *g*
firstly, I've found my lens!!! just after ordering a new pair and dealing with the 'tude from the opthamologist's receptionist.... don't even get me started with her... but she really topped the cake when I asked her what insurance I was listed under, according to her records.... with just ten keystrokes *my patient number and the return key*she needed to do, she gave a huge huff just laiden with attitude to return the information... as it turns out, it was needed as I was no longer on that insurance policy... but she didn't have to give me the "you're bothering me with your stupidity" huff... that was kinda cruel. I should write a letter about that... Mind you her slow completion of even the most basic of jobs meant that it took over an hour from the time I stepped into the office till I could get into my eye exam... *meh*
but I ordered a new pair of glasses, this time with gold frames instead of this steelesque color I have currently, and with two scratch resistant coatings, including one which won't have glares in them, or that shadow of my eye I always see in my right lens... mind you I was purchasing them to replace the pair with the missing lens... till I found it that night... but now at least i'll have a backup pair... and as they are four years old anyways... and my prescription hasn't changed, so they're still both going to be viable pairs of glasses for me to use *w00t*... anyhoo, the exam and a new pair were both needed...

secondly, I got a lot accomplished on my room last night...
I got the new printer up and working, *double w00t!* and got the bookshelves done for the most part... there are still a few books I have to move in there, but I can work it out... I've still got one box that needs to go up in the attic, but as its for the sheets for the twin bed, I still have to wash one before putting it away... otherwise everything is coming out rather well...the only problem I still have *but one I had before* is running into a shelf of DVD's and knocking down what was on top of the shelf... it stands out in front of the entertainment center, but I might hopefully find somewhere to put it, or just pick up the DVD's when they fall *g*... I also secured my milkcrate stacking system tighter together with some plastic ties... tis very secure now, which is good, because I don't want it falling on my head while Im sitting in the chair next to it... already have a headache
I think I might also be able to use my wheelie laundry thingermabob, as I actually have an unobstructed isleway from the closet to the door... *w00t!*

to brag about arnie a bit, I was a bit impressed by the setup I have achieved with him... with everything set up, arnie now has an A, C, D, E, F, G, H, and Z drive, and thats not including the new external hard drive to be partitioned off... he seems quite happy with the arrangement, and the top bookshelf looks great with the ivy hanging down next to the evenstar pendant case with the sun glowing right into it.... very aesthetic

but the downside to getting a lot done is that I'm incredibly sore in the thighs and calves and lower back... I was sore yesterday, and woke up stiff this morning... *meh* mind you I slept hard as a rock for nearly ten hours last night *much needed* I didn't even make it through daria last night... I'm rambling now.... ah well...

my head hurts *meh*
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