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finished for the night... almost...

well, I've finished the second bookshelf, though this one took much less time than the laptop station... lets just say I'm darned good at measuring, because my creation was less than an inch from being too big... its a good solid fit, which will definately be good and stabilize any wobbliness there might be in the 'erect-a-shelf-with just wood, nails, and steel corners' I did tonight....
for the first time since I've changed around my room, i've got my desk nominally cleared off... *couple wires and knickknacks still to move around*
I've also finally put in and got everything but my compact flash PCMCIA card up and out *that reminds me, where did I stick that flash drive??* and even had a little fun with the pivot software that came with my new monitor.... *geeeee... sooo purty... and everything lights up in a deep blue hue... just wonderful!*
All I've got to do for tonight is lcear off my bed, and crash....
must be up by eight thirty to go to opthomologist and replace my glasses *grrrr* I was hoping that I would still find my lens, but it looks like it might be gone forever *pout*
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