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got something done....

well, I got the monitor stand done tonight *whew* that was the most complex in terms of design and implementation, but its done....
unfortunately I've learned that my desk wobbles just a bit, so so does the new flatscreen monitor.... but the stand seems to be solid and will not budge from the desk.... I'm confident its pretty secure....

as to the hard drive, i'm going to plug it in next and see how it goes.... the monitor is working well so far! have yet to try out the speakers, as somehow in the move of everything i've lost the power cord to them... so i'm using a same voltage ac adapter from an old Packard Bell... the power is on... now i just need to test it....


coming out loud and clear!! *w00t!*

shall I dare try the hard drive yet???
what the hell....

*pause some more*
well, it seems to work!! however, given my severe, erm, addiction to USB devices, I have it installed on a non-high speed hub, though itself is a high speed USB... erm... I might be able to make the graphics tablet work off the hub, and reinstall the harddrive on the main USB *without a hub....

*still pausing*

okies... well, it turns out my docking station isn't high speed, but thats okay... I can wait the extra time while loading my pictures....
now I must test it *g*
and it works!! I also got my external floppy drive to work again!! *w00t!*
it looks like i'll have to reinstall the webcam, but thats no biggie... and it can wait....

all i have to do now is figure the best way for the power cords to work (not including the task of building the other shelf and getting the printer back online, but i'll take it one step at a time *weee*
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