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*whew* well, talk about busting ass to get everything done.... after getting off work at four, I managed to squeeze in buying the wood for the shelve units I'm building... while at work I was able to write out the specs to what I needed, having drawn out a design earlier this week... I was hoping it would only take forty five minutes in and out... well, it took about an hour. In addition to having the slowest guy possible cutting my wood *I had Home Depot precut all the pieces so that I don't have to touch the table saw*, I ended up waiting a good ten minutes while the second slowest, but at least a nice guy it seemed, take care of a complete idiot on a single screw... but then he walked away with her!!! so I had this question on nails I wasn't sure on, but ended up having to walk away without finding the answer. and then to top it all off, they only had self checkout available, and one cashier working all four... poor lady... she did the best she could, and was very competent about it. but my cart was useless for self checkout... I had sixty steel corners that I would have had to individually scan if she didn't do it for me... she could at least put in mass quantities for a single scan.... plus I had custom cuts she had to measure in.... *meh* so I bolted from HD and made it home for five thirty, which is the time I should have left to make it on time. but i had to pack the computer and get the books, and of course the doggeh was taking y rushing all horribly... I left her crying on my bed as I was rushing out the door... wondering what she had done wrong not to get much more than a pat and a quick hug.... she'll be pissed with me later *pout* but I made it... I hit every light, every space available in the traffic, and hightail it down Rt. 195 at about eighty miles an hour... by the time I got to school, the administration lot had opened up for all parkers, but it usually costs 50 cents... today it was wide open, and I even got to save the last two quarters to my name *whooohoo!!!* and I made it to class with three minutes to spare.

Mesa thinks i'll build the laptop shelf unit tonight *wink*
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