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my bed

so there I was, sitting in my wee twin bed, chatting online and appreciating my morning off, when my father calls, and he's like "do you know what size bed you want?" knowing that he was planning on purchasing me a bed sometime this weekend and delivering next week, that wasn't a totally out of thin air question... I told him I have the room for the queen *though its a tight fit* and fifteen minutes later I get another call... "unmake your bed and take it out front... the delivery guys will be there any moment." so while I actually had paul online to chat, I had to get the bed up and out, not to mention at least make myself presentable for the guys, and clear out the space... all while not leaving any dead space in the chat... *whew* Well, now I'm sitting on the bed sans sheets, because I have yet to go out and purchase some sheets for it... Cocoa seems to like it though... a lot higher, and easier to look out my window... and its situated in such a way she can lay on the bed and have a grand view of the hallway to see if anybody is going anywhere *g*

anyhoo, more on that later... must go and get sheets
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