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third day in a row I've gotten up with my alarm clock, after nearly a month and a half of literally sleeping through it while it rang for an hour *before it turns itself off* so I think thats a good thing... I think I like how I turned the bed around.... I might actually have space to walk around the bed to the computer center, but that'll be determined once I put in the full bed... on another note, I think I still really like the cheapass bed set I bought from Walmart, and might try to find out if they have it in the next size up....

things to do today
Go to bank, and move over money
go to work

go to bookstore and purchase at least some of my books
go to class

things to do tomorrow:
go to CompUSA and purchase monitor and compact flash readers did that today
go to work
go to class

things to do friday:
rewire room
confirm designs of two shelves to build
read at least two books *one school, one non school*
work 6-cl

things to do saturday:
work 9-5
go out with AMUN peoples *whoohoo!!*

you know, thinking about that, how the heck am I supposed to go out and purchase the materials to make the shelves, the bed and frame? forseeing problem here....

maybe we can go shopping instead of mom and dad going bowling on friday afternoon...
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