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Star Wars featurette with LotR director...

well, I needed some background noise while beginning to work, so I stuck in the special features disc to the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD...
well, firstly, I was kinda disappointed that they didn't put on the original special feature they did 20 years ago, "From Star Wars to Jedi", which would have been the perfect thing to put on there. Anyhoo I flip on the featurette on the characters, and I jump back in my seat in shock... sure the first scene was George Lucas, but then out of no where, Peter Jackson starts talking!!! I thought I had somehow mixed up the discs or something, or I got a bad disc... what the hell would Peter Jackson be doing talking on a Star Wars featurette?? *for those of you who don't know, Peter Jackson is the director of the recently made "Lord of the Rings" films, yet another of my multitude of obsessions* but as it turns out, he was talking about the Star Wars characters!! talk about wierdness... as it is, I try to keep my obessions individual of each other, to keep them each from possibly overcoming my reality, and it certainly doesn't help to see one obession bleed into the other!!!
Needless to say, he went on to compare Tolkien with Lucas, of which debate I certainly will not go into.... it was interesting and odd that of all people to talk, it had to be PJ....

though it must be noted that PJ has been named the next George Lucas in directorship.... but PJ didn't create the characters, Tolkien did... *yes people, please remember that!!!* on the other hand, PJ could have interpreted the characters in vastly different ways.... ah well....

its still scary to see PJ talking on a Star Wars featurette....
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