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been busy

well, I decided to take the day I had off and began to rearrange my room... I'm making room to upgrade my bed from a twin to a new full coming in this weekend... but one of the reasons its been a while since I rearranged is because of the various components in my room that needed to be in a certain place or serve a certain function *meh* one problem I've come across, and will just have to deal with, is how to handle my laptop docking station... any way I can possibly arrange it, either the wires won't work well, or they could be possibly exposed and tugged at, which bothers me, but heck, not being able to sleep on my currently defunct bed might take precedence...

So, i've begun rearranging the bedroom... I've still got my 'star trek bridge*, and believe it or not, almost room for everything... but unfortunately I need to add a few things in order to make everything work... I had to strip down one of my old bulky monitors, and will be upgrading to a 19inch flat screen LCD... I've also got to purchase a compact flash USB reader and a compact flash PCMCIA adapter, as I won't be able to move around my current one after I finish rewiring. oh, and to add to that list, I'll need a new bed set, and a new electric blanket... but maybe I won't get kicked off the bed when the dog spends the night with me...

I also need to make a 28" wide shelf unit to fit the printer, school supplies, et all....
*if for no one but myself, here are the dimensions so I won't forget them
height: 40"
width: 28"
depth: 12"
shelf at 15" high, shelf at 22" high, top at 35".
no backing
no bottom*

I also had to cover up my old steven segal "Under Siege" poster I've had in my room since I was a young teenager to make room for the new shelving unit, but thats okay... i'm not a real SS fan in the past several years... it also gives me a real night stand again for the first time in a few years, which will be good, and the bed faces the tv in such a way, i can lay on my left side *as thats the side I prefer sleeping on* and watch tv... right now, when I face that way, I face the wall...

It'll still be a tight fit, but it has been and will continue to be until I move out and actually have more than one room to store all my worldly possessions *sigh* and i've got a lot of work ahead of me still...
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