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once more again....

Okies... As I restart my livejournal yet again, you may have noticed the gryffindorry look to it... Its not because I actaully liked Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, personally I was incredibly disappointed in the movie, but I eternally owe my gratitude to the Harry Potter world, so my teeny tribute to it shall have to suffice...

In addition to starting this back up and getting back in the mood to do this, I am going to journal my summer job at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County Special Collections department in the library... my job is to sit around all day in a climate controlled room and read through fanzines of the sci/fi/fantasy/wierd nature from as early as the 1920's to 2000 approximately... needless to say there's some excellent stuff here, and I plan on presenting parts of it, my feelings on it, my random boring joke of the day, etc.... anyhoo, you have more important things to do I'm sure....
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