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*sigh* got a little bummed out when cleaning up the dining room... I came across my card from my godmother, bless her soul... she signed it Madrina and Padrino 2005... for those of you who aren't getting my point, its still coming... and for those of you who don't speak spanish, madrina and padrino are "godmother" and "godfather"... well it bummed me out because of the fact that she signed it from the both of them, which had to be hard on her, given that he walked out on her sometime in September, and they haven't spoken since. They were together for 23 years, married just after my baptism in april of 1981... it had to be heart wrenching for her, because while she does plan ahead for my birthday *as she delivers my gift at christmas and my mom just keeps it stowed away for five weeks*, she didn't prepare that far ahead *as my gift was wrapped in what she thought was birthday wrap but was actually Haunnakah paper... we think she mistook the festive Minorah for birthday candles and the stars of david as just regular stars* and I know she had to sign that after he left... She totally didn't have to, its not like I'm oblivious to the situation, or will be horribly scarred that my godparents split... but she's taken this as well as she can, and has not in my presence said anything vindictive about him, though she didn't have to sign his name...
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