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my parents can shop!

my parents have actually successfully managed my birthday... despite getting no indication that I wanted anything for my birthday, they did go out and get me a new dvd player and audio system, given that they knew that both my current systems had completely died nearly two months ago. Unfortunately my available space is very demanding of particular specifications for both the DVD and the audio system... I have a wonderful, but limiting entertainment center my father made me when I was younger, which perfectly fit a 13 inch tv, dvd and video systems, and a stereo on top. But as I built up what my father calls my "Star Trek Bridge Center" with my computer systems and other electronics, I was forced to change the system around, requiring me to rework the system and moving all of it, stereo, tv, dvd, and video systems *not to mention the cable box* all to the top shelf.... well, lets just say, I couldn't throw out the old dvd player, it currently is still needed to keep everything level with the vcr, as both are the same height, and the speakers come up to each side of the tv, and on top of that is a board that creates a shelf for the cable box... the main system of the stereo moved down a level... in order to keep that arrangement, which I'm convinced is just about the only way it can all be arranged, I needed a system with speakers of the same height or taller than the originals *these came an extra 2 inches higher* and not too wide that they can't be balanced on the lunch boxes to give them enough height to clear the tv top, and a system base small enough to fit on the shelf underneath.... it squeezed in with again, about two inches to spare total *weee* and then there was the new dvd player... like I said, the old one still served a balancing purpose, but the new one first didn't fit... I moved it down and sat it on the main system top, and then managed to hook it up to the stereo speakers... maybe now I can actually hear the tv from my bed *weeee*

Anyways, congratulations are due to my parents for shopping well for both given my extreme limitations of what fit and what wouldn't, and thanks a bunch!! I wasn't expecting anything in particular, as my new camera was a combined christmas/birthday... now if only I can break the fact to them I don't really like the ice cream cake that they all drool over, then we'll be good to go....
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