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Well, I haven't done a decent update in a wee while, and since the LJ blackout, hardly any update at all... so here it goes....

well, lets just say, I've worked worse... I'd like it much better if the store manager wasn't so up on criticising everybody... its not me in particular, but since I started working there, all I hear when she works is how unfun *to put it in polite terms* she makes the job...  its one thing to have your employees do a good job, its another to harp on everyone in the hopes of perfection... there is and must be a place in the middle... no one will work hard for bosses whom they don't respect as a leader...  I wish there was a way I could tell her this, as I think it would really help, but chances are I'd just get fired... and while I don't necessarily need the job, it still doesn't look good on the resume...

well, I've spent a little bit of my extra cash on books from my new job... the other day I made my first employee purchase with a new Ansel Adams coffeetable book and a tutorial book on Photoshop with a new plug-in software I look forward to playing with...
and then today... well, today I finally purchased a book I was searching for the past six months... The Chronicles of Narnia ... yes I do own a copy of Chronicles of Narnia already, but this version is the heirloom quality one I've been looking for... It will join my heirloom LotR, Hobbit, and Harry Potter to hand down to my kids when and if I have them in the far future, while I retain my older copy to read...

spring break
Well, the decision about spring break has been decided thankfully...  My mother and I will be leaving for London on March 19, arriving the morning of the 20th... on the 23rd we take a train up to Clacton to visit Naith, and return on the 24th.  We will also be making a day trip to Bath, and take in a Show or two... personally I'm hoping for Mary Poppins and the Lady in White, but we'll see *g*
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