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well, only about an hours worth of sleep I got... and am beginning to run late to work, as I'm talking with naith online... already a highlight of my day... but there are a few thank you's I want to hand out while I remember, and before I probably will fall asleep....
firstly to aduchil
for being online when I really needed to talk to someone, and listening to my ranting since september on a certain crush... you've known my feelings on the whole situation since the beginning, and am just soo glad I had someone to talk to right then and there... I had something I had to get off my chest, and while writing in LJ is good, getting that immediate response from you was just what I needed...

Secondly, to
for coming to the store and giving me a much needed hug... that was totally uber sweet and just what I needed to get through work

Of course,
for listening to everything that goes on with my crush, and putting up with my incessant whining and yearning and pleading... you've proven just how wonderful a friend you are...

we may not know each other that well, but I'm glad we do... your visible support from LJ is always wonderful to see, and you singlehandedly boost my comments recieved numbers exponentially *hugsmuchly*

and last but not least,
for lurving my Douglas Adams icons and such... I love getting real feedback on my artwork and such, as Im very protective about it really...

oh yeah, one more... to Justin, whom I do not believe actually has an account,
for proving me wrong when I think no one reads my LJ... one thing I'm happy to admit I'm wrong on... now go get a freakin account and comment!!*nyah*
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