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fuckshitdammitalltohell... four freakin thirty in the morning, and I can't get my ass to bed... have to be up in like three hours to go to my job at the library, and for the past two weeks, I haven't gotten a wink of sleep before five in the morning.... FUCK!!! My whole freakin schedule is messed up!!!  Doesn't seem to matter whether I'm tired at midnight and try to go to sleep, or haven't slept for 36 hours... three times now I've tried to correct this imbalance!!  Im tired... I can feel it... but soo much is in my head right now, too much to let me rest... thesis ideas, school, jobs, my possible trip, emotions, love, consequences, possibilities...  my maddness is no longer progressing slowly, but now exponentially as every piece of bad crap, every waking moment in the dark, every yearn for something I cannot yet have, and the possibilities of the future being torn away hits me, and hits me at my most vulnerable spot... in the sanctity that was my sleep, my escape... denying me my temporary freedom from this crap!!  FUCK!!

and on a completely random sidenote, why is it that proverbial_icon moodset, which btw, I love most of it, and still love it more than all the other one's I've seen,... why is it that all the infuriating, angry, irritated,and all the *grrr* moods feature Legolas??? Was he really that upset throughout the entire trilogy?? maybe its odd that he got most of the upset mood ones, but as Leggy is at the bottom of my list of LotR Characters, I'll do just about any other character first... sometimes its just hard to find that right picture...
*Sigh* *Oh, and AMEN on the Eomer one I managed to find
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