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went shoppin with my mother today... she wanted shoes... needless to say I ended up purchasing a pair of leather clogs for myself... been a while since I've had clogs, though I remember owning them fondly while I had some...

Also took a look today at Ritz Camera store for the first time since I got my camera *weeee*
put on hold a 500-1000mm lens for only $129 *Quandray Brand, so good stuff* and a t-mount adapter for my D-70...  fortunately, I put in the money today in the bank, so its all good *g*  all I need then is just a 300-500 lens, and I'll have a pretty good set... its a shame though the 500-1000 won't fit in my current camera bag, but then again, it is quite a small bag with no room to update anymore than what I already have... that will be the next thing to save up for I suppose *G*

Layout update, for those who actually give a darned....
changed around the book list *or soon will*  when I wrote the "waiting list" I figured on two books I'm not sure I'll be reading anytime soon... instead I have a whole nother list I want to add in there... I think I'm also going to limit how many books are on each list *limit of ten....*
Also added new graphics links... I might not have used some of the brushes from the sites yet, but I downloaded them, so I've linked accordingly now so I don't have to later... anyhoo, whats the harm in linking early, right?

and my mother might drive me nuts before the days end....
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