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Well, as some of you might know, I dropped a load of my parents' cash for christmas and recieved my Nikon D70 Digital SLR camera, complete even with two 512 memory cards *unexpected*!!  So, alas I have some pictures for ya'lls *some cut behind LJ Cuts*
Firstly, my neighbor recieved a new christmas gift, an eight-week old golden retriever puppy, which she has granted me plenty of picture time *since I would love to do pet photography on the side!!*

a personal favorite of mine, the new puppeh meeting up with harley, who is also another of one of my neighbors dogs... just too big to play with the puppeh just yet...

To top it off, my sister also bought me a lightsaber *dies*  Here she is showing it off, while Im taking the pictures!

and finally, I couldn't help but go out and purchase these today... these are the epitome of me!!!

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