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big massive update, because I'm a wee bit bored....

Well, first, I'll comment on my recent donation to UNICEF.  For those of you who don't know what UNICEF is, it is the United Nations Children's Fund ( and ) and really is just a wonderful and hardworking organization of the United Nations.  Anyhoo, every year the US Council for UNICEF holds the "Trick or Treat for UNICEF" campaign... well, I finally filled up my box, plus another mini-lunchbox full of nickles, dimes and pennies... my coin donation, though small in the grand scheme of things, is quite big for just a Trick or Treat donation at $23.46, with 1191 pennies, 59 nickles, and 86 dimes! And almost all of that came from cleaning out my room in its annual overhaul....

speaking of overhauls... I'm on day four of my room... up to now, I've cleaned every last bit of laundry hiding, except of course what I've worn in the past four days, rewired four sets of christmas lights in my room *now its all perty and bright*, retouched my closets *which are in immaculate shape all the time, compared to the rest of the room*, reorganized my book shelves, regoranized my care bear beanie collection *all i'm missing is the damn horse I tell you!!! the damned horse!! And that's just because they haven't made him yet!!* rewired my computer systems, reorganized my sewing and art areas, cleaned out my fish tank and bought a new fish (a male betta that is blue bodied, but white and the drawers/cabinets to my desk... All I have left to tackle is actually to put away all that clean laundry *a job in and of itself *G*, clean and organize the desktops and milkcrates that store half my crud, and clean out the entertainment center *which I am not looking forward to*  I might actually get most of it done tonight, with just final touches tomorrow *whoohoo!!!*  but sadly, I don't think there is any more money to be found *pout*

Oh, and my fishie.... I bought my fishie yesterday to replace the long dead Elrohir... I was contemplating buying two twin fish, and naming them elladan and elrohir *yes I'll reuse names for fishies* but then I came across this male betta that just was wonderful... I thought of naming it glorfindel... but then I figured I'd save the name for a fish with gold in it... so I named him Asfaloth *g*

Last night's movie: went to go see Ocean's 12... was as decent as the first, and had a big part on lefties *wooohoo!* so I was happy *G*  Also recently saw Closer and Christmas with the Cranks, the latter being side-splitting funny, and the former being a little slow, but interesting...

I knew I had something else to yap on about, but I can't think of anything right now, so i'll update later if in the mood....


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