Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

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ya know, it just hit me today when I walked in on someone watching the Springer Show...
People wonder how on earth crazed audiences would pack the Coliseum in Rome on days they were massacreing Jews and Christians to the Lions or watching the Gladiators go after each other, given the horrific scenes that come to mind with people being ripped to pieces and screaching of women and children... and from what I can see, society hasn't changed that much... people on the Springer show are begging for fighting, shouting out where to punch this person next, to pull hair, to nearly rip each other apart.  There may not be any physical deaths, but how much further would that take, given the adrenyline flowing through the audience... somehow I can just see somone requesting whether to kill or let live someone on the show, and honestly, I think I can see the audience voting for the first... maybe its just my imagination, but I think that mystery has been solved....  damn I'm pessimistic about society... ah well, I'm jaded as well, so its all part of the package...
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