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Well, I spent the better part of the evening at a social gathering with *gasp* other people!  I went to a cookie party tonight held at a fellow AMUN staffer's house, and had the first opportunity since the conference to chat it up with other staffers...   it was definately much needed and much appreciated.  However, the events leading up to it weren't the greatest *sigh*  I was supposed to get off work at three... and as I began to shut everything down five after, my boss John asked me to stay just a little longer because he wasn't feeling that well... so I did, till about 3:40... but I was supposed to be home by then and already baking the cookies needed.... I didn't make it home until after 4:30 *gah* and had to still run to the grocery store to pick up coconut for the recipe I picked out ten minutes after I got home... somehow I had gotten it in my head to be gone by five, which was impossible, because I didn't get back from the grocery store.... but from 5 till 5:58 when I left the house, I managed to bake the cookie bars, clean and do dishes, and take a full shower... 

Since returning home tonight, I've spent a good part of the early morning giving my deadjournal a new layout.... its a bit different from this one, but I think it turned out pretty well... its a greyish blue base with my own graphics as the background... as the whole deadjournal site is semi-intentionally morbid, I stayed with that theme, rather than the more *happygolucky* version I have here....


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