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I'd really like to know...

what the fuck goes through Baltimore Gas and Electric's head when doing television commercials!!  I'm sitting around procrastinating like always, when all of a sudden, an emergency BGE commercial comes on: "If you are still currently without power, please call this number: XXX-XXX-XXXX (can't remember the number)  We are working as hard as we can to restore power to you, and we hope to have it back up as soon as possible."  No it wasn't a generalized commercial.. it was specific to the large blackout BGE had in Howard and Baltimore Counties.  WTF!?!?!  Hello!!!  If someone is without power in the household, don't they think that television and the cablebox might also be affected??  How the hell are the people who actually need that message going to hear it when they have no opportunity to turn on a freakin television?? to top it off, most modern telephones also require power to run, unlike the old rotary and earlier corded phones, so even making the phone call would be hard unless someone had a cell phone WITH A FULL BATTERY to do it...  honestly.... the stupidity of that commercial made me braindead just thinking about it.... *sigh*
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