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Oooh, goodness, this is the best thing I have seen posted about AMUN, and it really expresses what happened there well... *huggles Joe for posting this in his deadjournal, and collective huggles to the staff of AMUN*

Chicago is a town I may never get tired of. It is one of those cities that have this tendency to suck you into it's charm. And for those people who live there, it seems as though the reasons for leaving don't even come close to amount of reasons you have for staying.

American Model United Nations (or AMUN as we call it) is in essence a simulation of the United Nations. It is simulated over the course of four days with the different countries (delegations) being represented by different colleges and their students who act as "representatives". Each delegation is in essence a role player for that country, the policies they adhere to and the actions they’ve taken. They are expected to research, evaluate, and predict the stances and actions their particular country might take in the future and stay "in character" for the duration of the conference adjusting and changing course as necessary or as events dictate.

The conference itself is divided into different committees that talk about, discuss and evaluate different things. For example one committee may devote its topics to economic issues, or another might devote topics on development. There are also councils which address worldwide security issues, or cases which need to be address in an international court. should get the idea.

For me, this year was my first helping to staff the event. For the previous two years I've participated as a representative, representing Northern Michigan University in the roles they were assigned. This year though...a totally different experience.

I HAVE NEVER, in my life, come across such an awesome group of individuals as I did this past week. And never, over the course of my life have I had as much fun as I did, working almost literally non-stop, with these amazing people. Almost every person was kind, generous, outgoing and considerate. They were all extremely hard working, and to say the least fun.

The escape it represented from my life was about as big as it could be.

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