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I love and hate the internet for finding relationships. I love it because the first foundations are made not on first looks, but on my personality. The personality is what counts, and its what I love most about me. But I hate the internet because people still only see half of me, half that personality. It is selective in portraying my personality, and it becomes so one dimensional, just what you see on the screen. But it doesn’t show the real me, and it doesn’t show my whole personality. To me, my best personality aspects lie in a three dimensional world. It’s the inflection of my voice, the raising of my eyebrow, the spontaneous and real hugs I give. I want to be loved for my smile, for my laugh or gazing stare. My hilarity is a good part body language, not just what I say, but also how I say it. I want to be loved for this, and it is the one thing I cannot portray online. No one can see my sarcasm, my sadness, the tears behind the screen. People react solely to words in front of them, without context or the emotion behind them. And it is that emotion I want to be loved for… *sigh*
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