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*dies laughing*

There are days I appreciate Joe more than he knows *G* and there are days I appreciate having a degree in political science, such as today when reading this *G*

Vote for Spencer Dimond. I am!

When you go to the polls November 2nd make sure that you are voting for candidates that you truly identify with. A real connection with your elected officials can give you the feeling that you are living in a country that you truly love and believe in, a feeling that can make you feel good about life and warm and fuzzy inside. That’s why on November 2nd when I select my choice for President I am going to write in Spencer Dimond.

Out of all of the candidates that are running this year for the highest and quite possibly the most powerful seat in the world, Spencer Dimond remains the one candidate that I truly believe in. Everyday, Spencer, is up at the crack of dawn preparing himself for a day full of activities. On an average day Spencer spends most of his time eating, taking naps, and pouncing on rubber mice. That’s right, I said rubber mice. You see, Spencer, is a kitten. Not just any kitten but a very cute gray fluffy kitten with white paws.

Some of you may think I am crazy, stupid, or just being an ass. Many of you may think all of those things! Despite that, I truly believe that when it comes to selecting the next president of the United States of America, I think this is no laughing matter. As a country we are faced with selecting a president that will have lasting impact on the face of the world. And currently we are faced with two mainstream candidates that in my opinion have very little connection with the people of the world at all. The incumbent, a dim-witted War-Mongrel-imperialist swine, and his challenger, an intelligent imperialist War-Mongrel wanna-be.

So I am sure you are wanting to ask me: "what makes you think that a kitten can do a better job?" To be quite honest with you I don’t know. But I can honestly say this: If there is any program, policy, or stance that you do not agree with in the mainstream campaigns, I promise you that Spencer Dimond will not propose any policy of the kind. In fact, Spencer Dimond will never propose any policy that you disagree with, ever. Despite what Spencer’s platform maybe (that he plans on outlining this weekend in a series of meows and purrs), most of America that votes for a mainstream candidate does so because they consider them the "lesser of 2 evils". Here’s an idea: maybe this country would be better off if we didn’t vote for any evil! Lets try voting for something that we really believe in. Like candidates that promise compassionate programs like real universal healthcare or social reforms! last time I checked those weren’t evil. Or even just a candidate that promises to stop bombing innocent people. That would be a good thing. Don’t you think?

To be honest with you like many politicians Spencer Dimond has left a bit of an ambiguous air to the direction of his campaign. It is unclear if he has the experience needed to push for needed things like real universal healthcare in America. And I am not completely sure of his level of competence to make sound judicial nominations. However, here are some things I do know: Spencer Dimond is not interested in war. In fact Spencer Dimond is not interested in anything that we could label evil. So there we go folks: Vote against evil, vote for Spencer Dimond!

Author’s Note: I will be spending my fall break with Spencer in Seneca, SC advising him on his platform. I will keep everyone up to date as things surface. Wish us luck! Joe Hall

Joe I luv you muches, and miss having been able to hear you explain this in person! *huggles muchly*
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