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Well, I heard back from Dr. P *my Russian History professor from undergrad...*


Good to hear from you. How's Bouton doing?

I've never read Hadzhi. I know it was published posthumously, but I

don't even own a copy. Let me know how it is.


Well, I'm kinda torn as to how to respond to this... Bouton is a professor here who used to teach at my other school, hence how it came up... but what do I say? "Um, I'm guessing Bouton's okay, haven't really talked to him since last semester when I had him for a class, but burnt out of school and barely showed up the last three weeks of class and subsequently pulled a B out of the class??  Oh yeah, and school sucks to the point I don't give a crap about it?"  I know that UMBC is no Winthrop.   I appreciate Winthrop more now than I did *and I appreciated it greatly while I was there* and wish more than anything that I could return there.  I would have already had my Master's now if I had stayed to complete my degree.  *sigh*

I find it a little surprising that Dr. P hasn't read Hadzhi *Hadji Marat, see post below* given that he's this amazing genius who reads just everything in sight.  But then again, I always got the impression he wasn't that into Tolstoy either.  I was able to go to him to discuss Catch-22, which has nothing to do with Russian History, and really walk out educated... and I can blame/thank him for my enjoyment of Jane Austen, which he said was his favorite reads while studying in Moscow.  He is also a big Tolkien and HP fan, and he was one of the people who really pushed me back into reading the books.

He asks my opinion on it when I read it, which also is confusing... I've always been his student; but am I hoping too much or reading into it that he wants my opinion as a fellow historian? or as a student?  Have I truly earned that respect that he seems *or that I want to read into it* to give in the email? *sigh* 

Alas, I hope to finish this one book I'm reading tonight that was recommended to me by Naith, and maybe take Sunday to read Hadji Murat... but knowing that Dr. P wants an opinion, I'll be reading it differently than if I was just reading it for me...


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