Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
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Went out for a midnight drive tonight... and just as I walked out the door my eye was captured by the moonlight, at 3/4 fullness and ultra bright tonight in the clear skies above. And I just stood there, tearing up, for twenty minutes. Don't know why, not sure what I was thinking, I was just in love with the moon tonight... Its a damn shame I don't have the camera equipment to capture the moon on film in a way that can possibly do it justice... the pictures I got were more like a lamppost at night *though there isn't a lamppost in that direction, so at least I know what I got was the moon* just black and a brilliant white... *sigh* It didn't capture any of the shades of blue that I fell in love with... *sigh* I felt poetic in the moments of the drive, but as usual, my muse disappeared as soon as I tried to write it all down...
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