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This is one of the reasons I love my job, even if I only work here six hours a week *g*...  Anyhoo, I came across today in an old and dusty box, which did my allergies good for sure, the first issue of Fantastic Magazine, dated Summer of 1952.  Just coming across the first issue is cool in its own right, but it originally caught my eye when it had Ray Bradbury listed above Isaac Asimov listed in the credits, and being a growing Ray Bradbury fan, I took the time to read the story enclosed (yeah, the benefits of the job, we are encouraged to read through it.  The story enclosed was titled, The Smile and only six pages long... but it was about the future *as they all are* 2251, where society is destitute and blames history for their torment.  So they rejoice in destroying historical items, such as the last automobile, a plane manufacturing plant from old, etc.  Well today's festival was destroying a piece of artwork.  And this little boy gets in line to spit on it and join in the celebration of destroying this tormentous symbol of desolation.  And then the artwork comes around.  People start spitting on it, and they put it up on a velvet trim and poles for the celebratory nature of this destruction.  But as this kid looks at it, he sees that its beautiful, and suddenly he cannot help in destroying it.  *Meanwhile there is this guy in the background talking about how it will take someone with imagination to bring back civilization to the world, symbolizing that it might just be this kid*  And then the police official comes up and decrees that as of 12 noon, the populace can begin celebrating the destruction...  and the people tear at it.  Women are chewing the canvass, people are tearing it apart.  And this kid grabs hold of one small piece of the canvas, but rather than destroy it, he covets it and runs away...  And as he gets beaten up at home, since people are just meanieheads in the 2250's, he sits in the moonlight at dark, and opens up the canvass piece he had.  And he sees that it is the smile of the Mona Lisa, the smile that caught his attention and the beauty of the piece of art.... *okay, so I'm horrible at explaining the story, but it was still fabulous to read *g*

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