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Okies, so my sister drove me up the wall today!!! She got all pissy today at lunch because I was on the phone with our mother talking about a time sensitive matter *plane tickets to American Model United Nations International Conference on THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!! *headache in and of itself* and wather than wait for a minute and a half, seh goes and leaves me *we had separate cars* and pays the bill... but on the way out she tells me "you've got tip duty" Well thats all fine and good if I had cash! Damn she knew all I had was my plastic, and our plan was that I would cover lunch, she would cover tip *because to tip the waitress in cash is more beneficial to her than on the card *tax purposes.* but instead she leaves me with the dilemma that I can't charge a tip, and I sure as hell won't leave nothing considering just how often we go there... so I had to have the manager un-ring her out and re ring us up using the card, so that I can use her cash as a tip, and adding on an extra 20 minutes to what was already a pretty full day for the both of us, not to mention a little embarrassing... grrrrr
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