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I so totally did very little this weekend, and I enjoyed every second of it!! what did I do? Other than catch a very good steak on fire (no worries, it still came out delicious!) and a couple of very much needed loads of laundry, I sat back and watched LOADS of TV, most of it with british accents. (LOADS was in the accent of course)
What did I watch? Literally I think the only way I might remember it all is if I write it down!!

1. Monarch of the Glen-a supposed comedy?/drama about the Laird of a Scottish Highland territory going through economic pressures and of bringing the aging dominion into the 21st century. Finished the premiere episode. Why did I watch it? I know a couple of people who just absolutely adore the series. Therefore I will watch.

2. MI:5-Not quite James Bond, but with Matthew MacFayden from Pride and Prejudice. I didn't realize he talked so much, because honestly as Darcy he barely spoke at all... and he's sooo much younger!!! The first episode really didn't engage me much, but no giving up just yet on it.

3. Babylon 5-I watched the extended premiere episode, "The Gathering". The commander is kind of cute, love the eyebrows. The spaceships are very clearly computer animations, but we can look past it. Again, I know people who just absolutely adore the show.

4. Andromeda-I watched the first five episodes (which considering I anticipated I would at least enjoy it, I have the entire collection that I got a while back at an amazing price and just now decided to watch). Kevin Sorbo still doesn't do anything for me, but Lexa Doig is adorable. I like Andromeda better than I like Moya, but thats because I like sarcastic ships. What can I say? I will continue to work through the series, if for no other reason than to hopefully get a glimpse at Michael Shanks somewhere in season 3. but by then i'll be hopelessly attached and will finish the series.

5. Doctor Who. First off, I'm now convinced that 10=<3. I watched a bunch of episodes from season 4, as that was where I was with OnDemand, but at least now I have a much better picture about where in the timeline those episodes are. I've always adored Rose Tyler, and Donna Noble has charmed her way in as well. I would love to know more about Sarah Jane Smith. I have downloaded as many episodes as I can from Netflix from previous Doctors. I just have no idea what the order is in which I should watch them.

6. Doctor Who. This time, I watched the premiere of Eleven. On a gut instinct, I think I might like him. He's okay looking, but Ten was just englishly hot. and Ten had reddish hair, which I find totally scrumptious. Eleven will earn a chance to be watched.

7. SG-U. While i'm on series that I normally watch, I actually liked this week's episode of SG-U. I think we are finally beginning to see some opportunity for greater plots than "Woe to me, we're stuck on a ship". And next week, Daniel Jackson returns!!! in hot season 10 glasses. *happehsigh*

8. Tudors. I seriously want to do some research to see if what they portrayed was real. I am sad to see the series end, as this is the last season, but it was SOOO well done! I'm not actually that up to seeing the episodes again, as I'm not into watching executions usually (its one of the few things I can't stand. Gratuitous violence is cool, but the thought of a planned and timed execution just bothers the crap out of me) but the show is about CHARACTERIZATION, which is why I love my favorite TV shows like Stargate so much. I can't wait to see Jeremy Irons in "The Borgias". Oh Lucretia!

9. Clash of the Titans (1981) Finally got around to seeing that. For once I agreed with my brother-in-law; one should see the original before going to see the new one. I thought it odd how it mixed the angsty plot of Perseus with a whimsical and seemingly out of place score. The mechanical owl was also a bit out of place, not in the plot itself, but some of its side characterizations. It was silly and playful, and it made me lose the excitement of the action. The special effects like the kracken (first off, srsly, reptiles don't have belly buttons because they didn't have umbilical cords, they were hatched out of eggs), medusa and Calabus were horrifically cheesy but lovable. If only they had hired the new ILM company, they could have been so much more better. I loved seeing a young!Dame Maggie Smith! She was gorgeous!!

10. Men who stare at goats. First off, I find it absolutely hilarious that Ewan MacGregor was in a movie about Jedi's that wasn't created by George Lucas. For him to say the word "Jedi" sarcastically was just fantastic. I don't want to say anymore for spoilers. Otherwise it was an okay movie.

11. Parenthood-I've been watching this on OnDemand since about the time it started, and I have found it to be a cute, well rounded perspective. It might not be something I would eventually own on DVD, but it is cute none the less, with a stellar ensemble cast. (Two episodes)

12. Ballet Shoes-Its a small, obscure film from last year or so starring Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter) about three orphans rescued by a mad traveling paleontologist and sent to live with his niece in 1930's London. Brought up in abject poverty, the three girls are taken to a performing arts school where they independently thrive or not thrive and begin to take the stage or the next part of their young careers. As it was entirely british in the making, it delved deeper into british history than american films do, which tend to dramatize depression London. This brought the time period into a different perspective, and was quite interesting to see how the depression affected teenagers.

I doubt anyone could convince me I watched too much tv for my good this weekend, but oh well, sometimes I just have to sit back, chill, and take a vacation (which apparently was mostly to London with sidetrips to outer space.)
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