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OT: Beta Request!!

I've never resorted to putting my fandom deadlines into my calendar, but now I'm paying for it!! (although I might get some questioning looks if someone looked at my calendar and saw fiction deadlines in there). sg_rarepairings has its posting period this week, and naturally I just went back and remembered that I had signed up for it and that i've got like a week to post it. So, what I am in desperate need for is a beta who can do quick turnaround on bits and pieces I send over. I'd prefer someone with some sort of instant messaging access for real-time bouncing ideas, but email is a great option too.

About the fic:
I'm doing a gen pairing for Daniel and Nick Ballard with the prompt of "following in footsteps", which fits quite well into the whole world of "Young Daniel" but out of it as well, as it deals with Daniel as an adult, not just a child. The outline is just shy of 1000 words, and the fic itself might go as far as 5000 or 6000 words, but done in vignettes that can be beta'ed independently of one another. My timeline is to have everything completed by Friday, the 11th, beta through the 13th, and post that evening on the 13th.

In terms of beta'ing, my primary focus is on grammar, as I have an unhealthy love for semi-colons and sentences with double dependent clauses plus an independent clause. Sometimes I think my dialogue might be too robotic or too grammar perfect, but that really depends on the character. I also am looking to keep in canon, so any canon errors are something I desperately want pointed out.

Another Note:
I'm always looking for betas, by the way, so even if this week is a total crushingly busy week, but willing to help out otherwise, let me know, as I will certainly be in need of one soon!!
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