Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

OT: Meet Cassie!

"Every kid needs a dog!" So quoteth Jack, and rightly so, even if you are only a kid at heart. I'm thrilled to introduce the newest member of my family, a baby girl yellow lab named after our favorite Hankan, Cassie (well the jury is still out on the name, but Cassie is the front runner and the decision will be made by tomorrow). My parents adopted her and she arrived to their home tonight all the way from Kentucky. She was born on the 13th of August, and is just over nine weeks old. This weekend I will re-educate mother on the importance of Cassie in the SG-1 world with a mini marathon, and perhaps Cassie might sit and watch with us!

Baby Cassie with her new mommy (who is also mine!) when we picked her up at the airport!
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