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I have come to the realization it has been exactly a month since I've updated here. Its been a crazy month: I started it in Indiana at a wedding (having just returned from one the previous weekend in Atlanta) which was followed up by my parents 30th anniversary party and my sister's engagement party. The following weekend was my sister's fiance's birthday, and my mom had bariatric surgery earlier that week. Follow the weekend after that with father's day, and before I know it, its the end of June.

Anyways, the point of the post: I baked another cake!! Lookit:
carrot cake!
It's a carrot cake alright, it looked scrumptious (as its going to a party tomorrow for the 4th, I can't have some yet. Maybe I'll comment on this post tomorrow and tell you how it is! This makes cake #3 in my "relearn to bake" thing I'm on right now, the first being the stargate cake from a couple months ago, and a birthday cake for Brandon, which looked nice until my sister found the neon dinosaur sprinkles and the primary colored race car sprinkles and drenched the cake in it. Add to the three cakes two batches of cookies, orange cinnamon buns, and some cheese garlic buscuits (which i love dearly), i think i'm finally beginning to relearn it all! (and my cake decorating skills have definitely improved!)

Tags: cake! baking
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