Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

Stargate Update Friday! May 1, 2009

For all you fabulous Stargaters out there reading this blog, here is my weekly update from my "All Stargate All the Time" blog, Samantha's Diversions at Dreamwidth.

I've been quite busy starting to flush out and add in previous Stargate Fandom posts, so for the next few weeks I anticipate a bunch of posts-for you Dreamwidth people out there, I'm spammin your reading list with loads and loads of Stargate goodness! (lucky you!)

New Posts:

Fic Request Meme! - Open request for ficlets!

"Gamekeeper" Thoughts - Gamekeeper vs. Matrix quick commentary, random thought.

Mad Fun with Yahoo Messenger - the Doodle IMvironment leads to new ways of unleashing my stargate glee! New category added: yahoo!artwork.

Stargate SG-1 Virtual Season 11: Stargate Odyssey - A new massive ficathon just launched earlier this month!


Fic: Sacrifices - The first story fully moved over to Dreamwidth (and one of my personal favorites).

LJ News:

I've gone ahead and created a syndicated feed from my Dreamwidth here on LJ: samantillesdw for those of you who do not regularly read your reading list @ DW, do not have an account, or want to keep all your fandom on one site.
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