Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

No Poet am I

Never have been. But beyond that, I still came up with a cheesy (so cheesy the gooeyness oozes from the bread) poem about how I came to fall in love with Stargate. It was originally written as an introduction, but not used, so here it goes.

Once upon a night so dreary
Samantha was bored and weary
Her mind wandered for quite some time
Got so bad she started to rhyme
Channels were flipped and hope was lost
The writers were striking about costs
America could only last
So long on reruns from days past
So to the computer she went
And pulled up iTunes with intent
To find at long last boredom’s cure
Who knew she’d find a love so pure
When she took a chance on a show
From a film she’d loved long ago
About a ring of stone that flushed
And the government kept it hushed
To prevent a worldwide panic
About aliens satanic
Who took away our ancestors
Through the intergalactic doors
To other planets far away
And they forced the slaves to obey
and serve their every wish and whim
though their lives in the mines were grim.
Then along came from this “stargate”
A team who fought to change the fates
For all human life near and far
And, heck, even blow up a star.

Sam took a chance on this plotline,
She could no longer stand to whine.
Her prayers were answered beyond hope
SG-1 was a sci-fi soap.
Two hundred fourteen episodes
Of sheer joy and military codes.
A snarky colonel’s on the list
And add an archaeologist
To the physicist with much zeal
Which makes the premiere team with Teal’c.
Who’d have thought together these four
Would invade Sam’s mind forever more.
Her writer’s block they did defeat,
After three years the win is sweet,
Even if she can only write
In this fandom with all her might.
Something original will come one day
But until then with SG-1 she’ll play,
If necessary for the rest of her days.

Did I mention how hard it was to find something that rhymed with Teal'c? Yeah, it is. I also noticed how kind of sad it is that I admitted my original writing may never come back... *sob*
Tags: samism, silliness, stargate sg-1
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