Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

Sam is whumped...

Its one thing to feel like crap, its totally something else to not be able to move your head around without excruciating pain.  What started as the flu last friday has now progressed to a full blown ear infection, throat infection, and a separate nose infection.  I've got a swollen gland on the left back that is so inflamed and swollen, any movement against it is wimper-worthy, including leaning my head forward, backwards, turning to either side, laying down, sitting up, drinking, etc.  The stuffy nose and coughing I could sleep through, but not this in two days.  *wimpers* the underside of my nose feels like its got a few-day old first degree sunburn.

But despite all this, I must admit the late night stargate chatter going on is very distracting--i don't quite notice that at three am I still can't go to sleep or get more comfortable.  Its quite a shame that one of these days i'll go back to sleeping semi-normal hours and have to catch up on all of it in the mornings.  I've had loads of laughs (even though each one of them hurt!) and it just makes me fall in love with stargate all over again *squishes youknowwhoyouare* 
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