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I've finally done it *g* I took a picture that I've worked on and tweaked, and took it to a camera store and got it printed off and framed... for me, it was a big step, because now it was something I really felt strong enough to put on paper, and not just an image on my computer I can delete in a heart beat... the image is now a photo... and it definately helped that the camera store employees oogled it... turned bright red I did *G* but it gave me the confidence my family didn't give *sigh* When I showed the picture to my mother, she loved it, which was cool. But then my dad looked at it, and he was like "photographers don't make money you know... you should have been a computer engineer... with your math skills, such a waste... *blahblahblah* *toned him out afterwards* and then my sister was like "I don't like plants*... Not very cool reception for trying to break out into a hobby I'm trying to be serious about...

normally I just take the pictures I take and stick them in my Care Bear Lunch boxes *the old antique tin ones that are just the perfect size for keeping pictures and negatives and hardly ever go back to them* and while some of them are pretty decent, I've just never done anything with them... but in the past couple months I've really started looking at everything differently, through the lens, as on a canvas, etc... Don't know what affected the change, but I definately like it *G* now I just have to hone my skills in *being a history major and archivist with no art experience whatsoever *g*
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