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Just a little clarification...

So, I've been watching Meridian WAY too many times (I'm amazed i'm not as depressed as I could be watching it) but I am still struggling to grasp the understanding of some of the Omaisms...  So what better way than a poll!!  

Anyways, in Maternal Instinct (season 3) when we first encounter Kheb, we first get a glimpse of the ever-elusive quote thrown about any ascension related episodes: If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.   So the question then is, what does it mean?  But in season 5, during Meridian, an extra phrase is added to the catch. Because it is so clear it takes a long time to recognize.  This is a bit cryptic, but then I must also question, if the two phrases come together, do they mean something different altogether?  Does it dramatically alter the meanings that it might have been before and afterward?

Poll #1315725 Omaisms, part 1!

So, what does "If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago." mean?

By the object having a name, it has already been mastered.
You can't discover something you already know.
The answer is already deep within you.
I have absolutely no idea what it means...
You don't have any idea about what it means either, Sam...

So, what do you think it means?

Now, before we get onto the rest of the poll... I had an idea about the second phrase I wanted to expound upon for a moment. Maybe I'm channelling Sam Carter's scientific view about this, but heh. Because it is so clear it takes a long time to realize. I immediately thought of the discovery of air and consequently also space. It was first seen as a void, an absence of matter before the general consensus and modern science realized that even the so-called void has particles that are constantly moving. I'm not sure how to put this into a witty phrase, but anyways...
Poll #1315726 Omaisms, Part 2!

What does "Because it is so clear, it takes a long time to realize." mean?

You're good nature comes naturally with modesty.
Sometimes too good to be true is actually true.
You are surrounded by it, interact with it without you even knowing. It is in everything and everywhere. It is inherent.
It is taken for granted.
That air thing you were talking about sounds credible...
I have no idea what Oma was talking about, but she sounds soo darned smart!
Again, Sam here has no idea what she's talking about!

What do you think it means?

What are your thoughts about Omaisms? What were your favorite ones? Did you tremble in fear everytime a glowy white thing threatened to speak nonsense? And what was on the menu that the candlelight cooked?
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