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10 days...

Its all over--my month of madness has finally come to a close. Thank goodness!!! The past ten days especially have been quite hectic, and lets just say the thirteen hours or so of sleep I got didn't nearly cover all that I've missed recently. I arrived back from my trip to Chicago last night, and a special thank you to aurora_novarum who recommended ginger ale to cut back on the air sickness. Actually, I guess the person next to me should be the one thanking her, as I didn't puke on him--a situation to which he was very thankful (I warned him as he sat down next to me that anything could really happen.) She was delightful company while I was on the small cramped plane waiting to take off, and just as she was telling me about ginger ale helping I was ordering it repeatedly throughout the flight.

As to the actual trip, the conference went really well overall. For those of you not familiar with Model United Nations, it is an academic activity where people (in this case college/graduate/law students) come together to learn about diplomacy and international issues by simulating the United Nations, each student or team of students representing a nation through a series of committees, including the General Assembly committees 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and concurrent plenary, as well as the ECOSOC plenary, the United Nations Environmental Programme, the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice and the Economic Commission on Latin America and the Caribbean. We also hold two crisis simulations for the Current Security Council and the Historical Security Council, year 1967. We boasted the highest numbers ever in our 19 years, with a grand total of over 1500 participants, with 1350 participants in simulation (the extra 150 include faculty representatives, sponsors, guests of our graduate school expo, etc.) and a grand total of 138 nations represented throughout our committees. I ended out my one year term as Director-General of Home Government, a department that is in charge of content-related customer service. We provide research for participants to enhance their simulations and their experience as well as act as roleplayers for non-governmental organizations, inter-governmental organizations not already represented (such as the Security Council needing someone from the IAEA, etc) and nations not represented by another delegation. While being Director-General this year has been quite an experience, especially at conference, I am more than ready to hand over the reins of power to my successor and enjoy the next few years just being that strange HG staffer who knows how to find everything. I loved every minute I got to spend with my closest friends on staff, the unending reception and giving of hugs (of which I am particularly fond), the kind words and the thoughtfulness that comes with working with each other and truly becoming a family by the week's end. I also continued my tradition of going to see a movie during the only afternoon we have off, Monday. My movie partner of four years, Teresa, Good Uncle Harlan (an original founder staffer of the AMUN conference) and I enjoyed nonstop action and Daniel Craig goodness in the new Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. It was particularly fitting we see this as two years ago Teresa and I premiered Casino Royale the same afternoon at the same movie theatre. Of the things I will not miss: the two hours a night of sleep I was able to get, the incredibly dry air in the hotel which usually makes me sick and voiceless (I bought my own humidifier to counter this--the smartest move I made all year), the unending rounds of pizza and donuts, and the constant worry about losing something (which I did... I lost my precious Harry Potter scarf I've had for years, the one from the first movie with the large yellow and garnet stripes. I was able to find a replacement copy to purchase today at Alivan's where I bought the original thankfully. The scarf design changed in the Prisoner of Azkaban movie, so I was really worried I couldn't get a replacement from the first two movies. I love this scarf!! The sad part is that I lost it within a matter of five minutes when I went upstairs with someone and realized I left it in the lobby. It was gone when I got back down.

What is ahead for me: I need to get back into my writing... ten days away from the plotlines running in my head has been very distressing. I do not want another repeat of writers block because I focused on international relations and the Law of the Sea.
My mother and sister return from their Las Vegas trip tonight, which is why we are not having Thanksgiving today. Instead it will be tomorrow, and we even managed to change our godparent's schedule to accomodate for that. We will also go see the new Bond movie tomorrow night (which by the way, was totally awesome!!) and Kevin will come over, spend the night with me at my sister's place (as my bedroom goes to my godparents) and spend Saturday lounging around making up for two weeks worth of missed TV. The only downside: I will most likely miss tomorrow night's redial_the_gate chat on Season 4 Premiere Small Victories which is sad, because it is the highlight of my week when we have one. It'll also be the first I've missed since joining the redial group, which by the way ya'alls, I totally love you all!! Its been wonderful meeting and getting to know everyone and enjoying a lot of Stargate goodness!

Anyways, I must go scrounge something, as I am one of very few that aren't already stuffed with turkey and have to fend for myself this Thanksgiving night.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, even if you don't celebrate it!
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