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Stargate Goodness in Soundtrack form

So, after reading up on stargazercmc's post on her new iPhone and how she desperately wants a Stargate Ringtone... So, rather than actually sleeping, I got on my big honkin media computer and generated one. If anyone is interested in an iPhone-capatable Stargate: SG-1 or Stargate: The Movie ringtone, shoot me a message. As they are created on my GarageBand with DMC-free music, I am not violating any laws by releasing them. I will not be profiting off them, I am sure!

But, that led me to find a newly released version of "The Best of Stargate: SG-1" on iTunes, which to my surprise was DMC free. I had the opportunity to listen to several of the pieces included, and I was pleasantly surprised. And then, I realized, I don't think I've seen any real discussion on Stargate music in my meanderings online for the past six months, so I will do so today. I'm a huge fan of movie music--have been for years. I find it sometimes the most emotional and stunning pieces of music, and when combined with visual stimuli, well, I'm usually just blown away from the movie experience. A good soundtrack can really make or break a film. 

Stargate: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (The Deluxe Version)(Original 1994, remix 2006)
David Arnold set the bar high not only for the future of the Stargate Franchise, but also his personal work, which recently has included the 007 movies Casino Royale and the upcoming Quantum of Solace. This deluxe version (the only one available these days) incorporates large portions of the movie, including important but little known or heard segues (specifically tracks 2, 11, 16, 28, 29, 30, 34, and 37, as well as updated music to track 6). Many soundtracks compile the best themes and cut about half the soundtrack a composer writes into a single CD for release. This version doesn't do that, but rather allows the work to speak for itself through 37 different tracks at a total of 72:36 of the approximate 121 minutes of the film.
For a more indepth review: click here.
1. Stargate Overture
2. Wild Abduction
3. Giza, 1928
4. Unstable
5. The Coverstones
6. Translation and Orion
7. The Stargate Opens
8. You're On The Team
9. Entering The Stargate
10. The Other Side
11. Bomb Assembly
12. Mastadge Drag
13. The Mining Pit
14. King Of The Slaves
15. Caravan To Nagada
16. The Eye Of Ra
17. Daniel And Shauri
18. Symbol Discovery
19. Sarcophagus Opens
Bolded are favorites 
20. Daniel's Mastadge
21. Leaving Nagada
22. Ra -- The Sun God
23. The Destruction Of Nagada
24. Myth, Faith, Belief
25. Procession
26. Slave Rebellion
27. We Don't Want To Die
28. Execution
29. The Kiss / The Seventh Symbol
30. Against The Gods
31. Quartz Shipment
32. Battle At The Pyramid
33. Surrender
34. Transporter Horror
35. Kasuf Returns
36. Going Home
37. Closing Titles (Intro) [BONUS TRACK] 


Stargate: SG-1: Movie from the TV Show
The title of the soundtrack is misleading. While the music included is indeed from the TV show, it should be corrected to read that this is in fact only a soundtrack to the pilot episode, Children of the Gods. The main complaint for this soundtrack is that it is largely a rehashing of the original movie soundtrack. This complaint has merit, although I would speculate that with a pilot, the option of full orchestration of a completely new soundtrack is out of the question, especially if they don't even know if they are going to be carried. I think that if the producers of this album had reworked the title to reflect that it was indeed only the soundtrack to the pilot, it would have been much better received. On the other hand, I do appreciate that so much of the original soundtrack went in to this album. It only emphasizes the producers wishes to make the transition from movie to TV show as smooth as possible and retain most of what we loved best about the movie. Running time comes in at 50:13 of the pilot episode running at about 92 minutes.

1. Main Title
2. Return to Active Duty/General Hammond
3. The Bomb/Jack's Protest
4. Jack's Story/Memory of a Son
5. Egyptology/Sha're/Aliens
6. Aphophis/The Ceremony/Escape
7. Entering the Stargate
8. Chosen for Life or Death
9. Final Battle/Ultimate Victory
10. Choosing a Queen/The Test
11. End Title 
Bolded are favorites

The Best of Stargate: SG-1: Season 1 (2001, remix 2008)
This is the soundtrack most people were hoping for when the first one came out in 1997. Unlike the previous soundtrack, this tries to bring in the new themes that were developed throughout the season as we meet new cultures and supporting characters. The Suite from Torment of Tantalus was quite intriguing; it began with a sultry fifties jazzy style for the classic Stargate theme, and it interwove eery patriotic hymns in a whining trumpet to emphasize the sacrifice Ernest Littlefield gave. I expected more from the Suite of Thor's Hammer; I came across the same themes and melodies until over five minutes into the song, where I finally heard a twinge of Scandinavian influence. I could not tell if an Asgard theme seemed to play in the song. Thor's Hammer though did provide me with the warm fuzzy upbeat melodies for when the team has some goodness bonding between them or everything works out in the end. The Suite from the Nox also graces me with the etherial Nox theme, to which fits Lya like a glove. Run time is 68:52.

1. Stargate SG-1: Main Title
2. Suite from The Enemy Within
3. Suite from Cold Lazarus
4. Suite from Emancipation
5. Suite from Torment of Tantalus
6. Suite from Thor's Hammer
7. Suite from The Nox
8. Suite from Hathor
9. Suite from Tin Man
10. Suite from Within the Serpent's Grasp
11. Stargate: SG-1 End Credits


Stargate: Ark of Truth (2008)
I just found out these existed today: I will edit in more after they arrive on Wednesday!

1. The Decision (Main Title)
2. Dakara Discovery
3. Tomin
4. The Wrong Ark
5. My Notebook
6. Our Mission Begins
7. The Supergate
8. Meeting The Resistance
9. Sabotage
10. Replicator!
11. Merlin
12. Ori Fleet
13. The Doci
14. Journey To Celestis
15. The Battle Begins
16. Maternal Moment
17. The Healing
18. Morgan Le Fay
19. Merrick's Demise
20. The Ark of Truth
21. See The Light
22. Carter's Cookies
23. A New Adventure

Bolded are favorites

Stargate: Continuum (2008)
I just found out these existed today: I will edit in more after they arrive on Wednesday!

1. A Day At S.G.C.
2. The List
3. Murderer Of Untold Millions
4. The Achilles Commandeered
5. The Last Of The System Lords
6. For The Good Of Others
7. The Sinking Of The Achilles
8. Endless Horizons
9. Breaking The Ice
10. New Identities
11. Baal Divided
12. Bring A God To Tears
13. Daniel's Book
14. Al'kesh Invasion
15. Photograph
16. Apophis
17. The Armada
18. Quetesh Takes Over
19. Battle Over The Ocean
20. The Machine
21. Fall Of The Heroes
22. End Of The Reign
23. The Extraction
24. O'Neill Buys Lunch / End Title Reprise

Bolded are favorites

Stargate: Atlantis (2005)
I think I actually prefer the soundtrack to the series, to be totally honest.  I find the Atlantis Main Title to be exciting and moving.  However, this soundtrack has the same pitfall as the first Stargate SG:1 soundtrack: it is really only a sountrack to the pilot, "Rising."  Granted, many of the themes we hear through the seasons resonate from this first set of notes, but it should have been marketed as the soundtrack to "Rising" not to the first season.

1. Main Title
2. Atlantis Takes Flight
3. Rogue Drone
4. Messages
5. Weir Speaks
6. Gate To Atlantis
7. Atlantis Wakes
8. Teyla's Village
9. Wraith Abductions
10. The Hologram
11. The Rising
12. Wraith Lair
13. Dart Battle
14. The Rescue
15. O'Neill Inbound
16. Our New Home, Atlantis

Bolded are favorites

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