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I iz a citizen!

I voted... I think I actually took more time making my decision about the referendum questions than I did for the people I was electing to office. Thanks toaurora_novarum , sg_betty , and cleothemuse for their input on the Maryland Slots question!!  It was really the only question I didn't quite have an opinion for as of last night!  Anyways, The lines were about two hours long, and parking was at one point over a mile away.  Fortunately for me, there were two precincts voting at my polling place, and the two hour line was for the other precinct, so I got pulled out of line quickly and thrusted indoors to vote in a very much shorter line!!  Mind you I first walked in to the polling place and delivered my mom a surprise iced coffee only to walk to the end of the line and have to walk back in.  I was NOT going to stand in line for two hours holding my own ice cold diet coke and her iced coffee in the frigid air (without my jacket.)  So, voting actually only took me about twenty minutes once I was in the right line, and the experience took a little over an hour or so.  

I got in to work a full two minutes before my estimated time of arrival yesterday at 10am despite an horrific ride in.  I got shut out of an exit lane (and I was in the far right lane too, not the stupid exit from the left lane routine some people do) where 50 meets 295S, so I ended up having to get off at South Dakota, back on to 50E only to find the exit ramp to 295S closed, so I had to get on to 201N, Tuxedo Blvd, 50W (again) and then back to the same place where I was shut out and finally on to 295S.  Fortunately this time I was in the exit lane coming in, so they couldn't do squat to me!  Traffic was heavier than normal, but then again, I'm assuming that many people were trying to rush to work from voting.

I also took the advantage of a walk I took to the other side of our building complex to partake in hot chocolate from Starbucks, which was provided free of charge because I had my swell little "I Voted" sticker (and I confessed that I don't drink coffee--my preferred method of caffeine intake is through diet coke and diet dr. pepper in the mornings)  The ladies at Starbucks even accepted the word of the military men and women who said they voted by absentee ballot and gave them free coffee as well!  (If you are going to trust anyone, you should trust the men and women in uniform!!  That and the building complex is 99% military anyways, so they ought to have the highest respect for the uniform.)  (On a side note, the McCain headquarters is in this complex as well, just FYI...)

And so, another round of elections has come and gone for me.  2010 is the next election year for Maryland.  My degree in political science has given me the information to make my choice and to understand the implications of voting (whoohoo!) and hopefully as many people as possible out there do go out to the polls and vote!!

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