Samantha, just Samantha (samantilles) wrote,
Samantha, just Samantha

The End!!

I have sucessfully come to the end of a very very hectic month here at work... Its now 2215 here, and I'm just getting out to leave... but, I'm sooo incredibly happy at my successes for this--I have a clean desk!!
I never have a clean desk... ever!!   I'm soo much closer to actually getting done reorganizing and filing (we just got filing cabinets in not too long ago, so I've got a pile of work I've done thats sitting in a desk drawer...) speaking of desk drawers--I actually also cleaned one out today!!!  A feat not attempted since March of this year (right after I started!)

 also pulled in some mad hours, this being the third day in two weeks i've worked past ten pm... I have more than enough hours banked to take off tomorrow (which is usually a very hectic day for me, being the end of a financial period and expense reports are due to me) so I will be doing just a wee bit from home (like my own expense reports!) but otherwise, I am dedicating a good part of tomorrow to AMUN for research--going to the UN library here in DC (which I'm kinda excited about in that strange archival science degree student way)...
Tags: amun, work
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