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OMG *relieved and ready to collapse*

I HAVE MY DOCUMENT BACK!!!  Early on, my coworker and I downloaded a trial version of DiskInternals Word Recovery Software which took approximately five and a half hours to complete its scan of the hard drive.  Meanwhile I then spent the next three and a half hours manually searching for auto-recover documents, temporary documents and anything else my coworker and I could think of.  When it finished literally about five minutes ago, it found 355 documents that were recoverable on the system.  File SAFC9B.tmp held my lost document.  I had already given up hope of finding my lost work (having spent the past good two hours rewriting the document from memory) but decided to scroll through and preview the documents that were recovered.  Having had problems two months ago with disappearing files and corrupt files, it was interesting to find them all.  Thank GOD I had changed the font color of my document to a shade of blue that was a little easier on the eyes, because as I skimmed through file by file, there was the unmistakable blue!  Its all here!! I knew it had to be!! I can't work on something with supposed auto-recover every minute and not have it.  So then, I press the "recover" button, and the trial software states that it can locate the files, but in order to actually recover them, you must purchase the software at $80.  And I was like WTF!?!?!  So then I went back to the preview and tried to copy/paste, but it wouldn't let me.  I first thought (and began) to screen print the damned document and retype it later tonight.  Then I went back and explored a little more of the software.  Sure enough, it had a properties sub-button, which listed the name and where it was located.  So instead of shelling out the $80, I just found the document myself, copied it not once, but twice into my Google Documents (a lifesaver with the crappy Dell I have here at work) and then redownloaded the actual document itself with all my font preset into Google, which I then opened up an alternate browser and checked.  Also, before I leave, I'm copy/pasting this sucker into my writing journal just so I know I can find it again.

Needless to say the past several hours have been agony.  Between the frustration of losing all that work (not to mention that I still regularly get writers block from the most mundane of reports to the most fantastic of my stories, so any writing endeavor can be harsh) and the sudden lack of will to rewrite and my ever decreasing attention span (I rechecked my flist about a hundred times in the past hour folks!) my generally enthusiastic and cheerful demeanor was racing out the door.  Which is what I'm about to do now, happy that I have it all back. absolutely effing elated to have it all back.  Now I can go collapse from my emotional roller coaster this afternoon, as long as its after the hour long trek back home.

Oh, and a huge huge hug each to zats_clear and especially tejas for keeping me semi-sane by distracting me necessarily so that I didn't actually throw the damned computer out the window as i originally wanted.  
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