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 Sanctuary commentary (writing as I'm watching)

Right off the bat, I've noticed several similarities to Stargate.  Naturally I was attracted to it because Amanda Tapping would be on the series, as well as Joe Malozzi producing.  I had read that the guy who play Todd the Wraith is in the series (which I just have seen, and his voice is identical--I might have recognized the voice without the spoiler of his presence beforehand.  But at least I knew to look/listen.  I also noticed that the kid's hand/tentical/thing looked an awful lot like a Goa'uld.  

Liking Kavan Smith though... Major Lorne goodness!!  

"You know, eating badly, sleeping worse, the normal"--is that fanon Daniel or what?!?!  The castle is a bit cliche, but then again what is classic sci-fi without at least some cliche.  
OMG Sgt. Siler!!!  

Now I'm annoyed that I still have no idea what Sanctuary is despite seeing the scene we see in the commercials-- it cut to an extended commercial break...  Happier now, although the CGI isn't the greatest for the mermaid.  And its the Geico Guy!!  Making a cup of tea is so easy even a caveman can do it!  "The great ones dare to believe in the unbelievable."  I actually like that line.  St. Siler lives again!  He just needs Janet to clean him up in her infirmary.  

Hrm... Sam jr, eh?  The "symbiotic appendage" is a little creepy.  But if it is a symbiotic appendage, then is it in and of itself sentient, or is it just a part of the boy and the boy can control it completely, and he's sitting in the prior chair they kept Daniel and Adria in!  The server guy is literally a crossbreed of neanderthal and unas.  The guy may not be giving the kid a hug anytime soon!!    You know, sometimes mom is right!!

Okay-- strange child who lost a parent at the age of eight to a huge monster.  And he didn't ask the question if the monster that killed his mom is in the Sanctuary.  He's her dad, isn't he??!?!!?!?  Todd the Wraith and Samantha Carter make a third??  People, don't you realize you just did what he wanted??  Luke, I am your father!! She's not fully human either, is she??  otherwise why would it matter if it was her blood or someone else's?? and then it also explains how she is aware of the "abnormals"...  

You know, that looks like that hurt!!  And what the hell with the flowers for the half unas??    and spilling your guts??  Dude, is his mom like her??  Damn, that gate travel doesn't age you at all, does it??  Oh, come on? Jack the Ripper?  150 year old PhD might be a bit outdated... How does she keep up with the literature?  100 year old embryo?  No health plan, but she's got her own hospital... I doubt she'd charge him for it, but maybe she'd dock his paycheck!

And the show is over...  I may go back tomorrow and comment after sleeping on it.  As with new series, I will give it at least a full season before dropping it fully... 
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