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To my absolute surprise, I found a dress for Laura's wedding this sunday (the one I originally thought was next sunday) and even managed to get her something off her registry. The only downside to all this is that I was out until 11pm between shopping for the dress and making sure I picked up the necessary stuff for work at the local walmart (I'm responsible for all shopping in the office!) So, I get home only to find out my mother is taking my sister to Las Vegas for a week!! It is the week of course that I am volunteering in Chicago, so I wasn't invited. *pout*

My head is pounding and I've got something up my nose (fleck of pollen or something) that is irritating the crap out of it and producing vast amounts of stuff that magnavox_23's dog would love... I'm in agony.

And the staples guy I was just on the phone with wasn't nice. I need an easel for work, and the guy wouldn't take the time to actually explain what the ones in stock look like, he just recited from a computer which S.K.U numbers were in stock (and I couldn't find pictures of any of them online...) *is annoyed*
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