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strange day thusfar

So, I woke up on my own this morning (a rarity before noon) at exactly the time I wanted to wake up, which is almost a full hour from what I have been waking up recently. Only to find out that my alarm clock didn't go off at all, which was potentially very, very, very bad. I work on a complete flex schedule at work, so if I slept in a bit it wouldn't be horrifically bad, but I tend to sleep straight through the morning into the early afternoon (and I've lost a few afternoons as well in my time) without something blaring and loud to wake me up. By the way, normal alarms don't do anything for me as my hearing isn't at 100% (long story, but I have a fluctuating hearing loss at about 20-30%) and i am dead to the world when I slip into slumber. I'm the person who wakes up and the body is still asleep so I can't move for a good minute or so until the rest of me realizes i'm concious.... *its a wonderful feeling believe it or not... its the quintessential feeling of comfort)

Then, as I'm driving to work, I have to make this u-turn at Pennsylvania Ave in DC (not anywhere near the White House though)... this left turn/illegal u-turn lane is frequently populated with beggars and charity fundcollectors and eager entrepreneurs selling cold gatorade and flowers. But the other day, this one particular homeless guy caught my attention. Normally I don't carry cash on me at all--i'm a plastic girl all the way. But I had like $12-13 wadded in my pocket, and in a particularly generous mood, deposited the entire wad into the guy's 7-11 Big Gulp cup. He was so elated at the wad he was chatting with me while I was waiting for the light. He commented that he was going to buy new shoes with the money, raising his injured leg (he was on a cane) to show off old slippers with rubber soles for his current footware.
So, anyways, I see the guy today walking up and down the lane, and to the little joy in my heart, I noticed that the guy had on proper shoes, not slippers. Granted they didn't look "new" but I am faithful that they were purchased somewhere instead of the normal stereotypical uses homeless men do with money. This idea gives me just an iota of hope that people can make a difference *fuzzywarmhappiness with self and homeless guy on Pennsylvania Ave.*

After that, I found out today that a wedding I'm supposed to be going to on the 12th of October is actually on the 5th of October!! I haven't shopped for a dress (being a semiformal affair), I haven't hit the wedding registries, nothing!!! I was supposed to do it all on Sunday!! But NOOOO! I don't have time to now because I wrote it wrong in my book (I still think my invite said the 12th, but I can't say anything in particular and admit to my mistake until I get the irrefutable proof I was wrong when I look at the invite later tonight... but then again, I don't necessarily want to look because it would prove me wrong, and I don't like that much...) So tonight's movie night with Kevin will be the "OMG Does this dress possibly fit me?? Kevin!! Pay attention!!" night. *sigh*

And I still need to go shopping for work... didn't do it last night and I should have... and I also realized i'm going to miss Criminal Minds tonight... Thank heavens I DVR the series so I don't have to remember this stuff...

and finally... i'm stuck in my story again... *pout* I have no idea where I'm supposed to go with it--hadn't expected to get as intricate in the plotlines and characters as I have. *moresigh*
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